Our Environmentally Friendly Sediment Removal Process


Our beautiful coastline and waterways change constantly with the tides, storms and human activities. The need to maintain your little piece of paradise often requires removal of sediment and soil from in and around your dock, seawall, boat lifts and waterways.

Mudbugs uses a compact portable dredging system that performs in places where conventional dredging equipment just is not feasible . Our extremely maneuverable portable, dredges work at a depth of up to 14 feet and can pump up to 30 to 40  cubic yards and hour for several hundred feet. implementing a wide range of custom options to capture sediment while simultaneously purifying runoff water.

Mudbugs protects marine life, minimizes or completely eliminates the need for site restoration, and cuts down on overall maintenance costs. Some of our methods can also reduce waste by up to 60%, Making Mudbugs the best choice for the environment, and for protecting your piece of paridise.