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About Mudbugs Marine

Mudbugs was born of out of just that, Frustration.  Our founder being a waterfront property owner and life long excavation contractor, found out first hand the frustration with the regulations and permit process and the lack of clear concise options. Most importantly finding a contractor that could provide a cost effective non-destructive solution to meet the need was almost impossible.

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​Mudbugs was formed after months of research, trial and error and has developed several processes, that are cost effective, safe, and provide low environmental impact to your little piece of paradise.

Mudbugs Founder Timothy Ventura has spent most of his 24 years in business taking on environmentally challenging projects. Managing Wetland, landfill and industrial water management construction projects. Building and maintaining, Waste water runoff and collection lagoons as well as complex leachate and gas management systems for landfills. Mr Ventura has had along history of innovation and creativity in water and soil handling and management. All with the utmost care and concern for the short and long term environmental impact of these projects.