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Mudbugs founder and core staff have extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of a multitude of complex sediment solutions in the wastewater, landfill, oil & gas as well as mining industries.                                                   

Your probably asking, "What does that have to do with my issue?" 

Well, cost is everything in these industries "cheap but effective" is how they want their challenges met. These industries face all kinds of complex complicated sediments and wet material issues.

These very complex issues require innovation, ingenuity and experience to solve.

Its these very same creative cost effective approaches that makes Mudbugs "The Solution" to your challenges.  

We have developed several low impact , highly cost effective solutions and even the equipment when needed, to meet even the most challenging situation.

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" Tim, Your team has developed an amazing system. It worked great for my tough project.  I now have an extra foot and an half of water underneath my boats. Your team was careful not to damage any of my personal property, very clean and neat. Thank you for being so organized and a pleasure to work with."

Carol S

Gulf Breeze